OneSixthBruce's 3A WWRp retail exclusives giveaway

The guys over at OneSixthBruce have just informed me of a huge contest they are doing... and yeah as luck would have it there is only ONE DAY LEFT to submit your entries... thanks guys :-) What you need to do is follow their guidelines stated over HERE and keep with the theme "every day threeA" where you just need to take a picture of any threeA toy and post it up on OSB wall on Facebook (which will automatically put your picture into the fan page album). If you're camera shy, then don't be in the picture, ask someone else to be in pic for you! No Photoshop to be used!
1 picture per person, nothing offensive, as in racial /religious /porn, last date of entry is June 30th 2010 9AM UK time... and what can you win... all 3 of the 3A WWRp Retail Exclusives!

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