"Mr. Douchamp" prototypes from ENLEME

It’s been a while since we have heard from Toronto-based darkmatters studio, but now they are proud to announce their latest designer toy from artist Enleme titled "Mr. Douchamp". The form is inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain, and for those of you who have not taken art history before, it basically an overturned urinal :-)... the cool thing that Enleme did is he took this form of "anti-art" and put his own spin on it breathing new life into the original piece! Enleme states “Clearly, I know making a toy that depicts an actual form of a human with a urinal shape as its head, it is really going against what Duchamp stands for in his “readymade” work. But making an anti-art into an art form is what I chose to go for. ” Check out the images above to see the prototype of this figure... and do note that this will be an edition of 100 pieces including: 45 white, 45 black and 10 mystery custom ones by the artist. These will retail for only $15 each, so stay tuned for the release info!

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