More figures revealed of "Thoughts in Jeremyville" a Super-Mini Series from Kidrobot

Last time we saw these HERE it was just a little teaser of that "Eye of Providence", and now Kidrobot reveals to us a whole new slew of characters set to be released in this upcoming Super-Mini Series! All these figures are going to be around 1" tall come from the mind of designer/artist Jeremyville, they will be sold blind boxed and are set to retail for $3.95 a pop and we should see them hit store shelves around July 8... just before Comic Con. What are you thoughts on this series... to me they look like capsule toys, and seeing as they are so small and the production looks soso it will be interesting to see how these are received... in fact they might be picked up by everyone, heck I have a TON on Little Homies, which seem to be very similar in size and quality.


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