Mini "OG" Skelve & White "Shadow" Skelve from Brant Peters for SDCC 2010

When is rains it pours and that is exactly what's happening over at the Circus Posterus headquarters as they are letting loose on the SDCC 2010 info and it's kinda a BIG DEAL.... 4.5" BIG, well I guess that's not to big, but it grabs yer attention! Introducing Brandt Peters mini "OG" Skelve figure which is limited to only 100 pieces, and looks pretty darn cool if ya ask me.

Not to be outdone by is smaller Skelve counterpart Brandt Peters is also dropping word that they will be releasing 66 White "Shadow" Skelves... and how cool do those orange accents look. These should stand the same height of the original Skelve releases which was 9" and if I remember correctly they retailed for $150 (check em out HERE)... so here's to hoping they are priced right around that same dollar amount! More news to come from the Circus Posterus crew, so hold tight, and start saving that money now :-)

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