Kuso Vinyl X Rotobox "OG" Debametall Fahrenheit

Since we first revealed Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica's "Spiki" Fahrenheit HERE... we have been itching to see the other versions, and now thanks to Kuso Vinyl we have some awesome pictures showcasing the new "OG" Debametall Fahrenheit figure! This figure just like its Celsius counterpart measures 7" tall, comes with a really great flowing red cape, and instead of coming with guns... Fahrenheit prefers blades which are kept in his blackboard accessory that doubles as a comunication tool for him since he is mute. The "OG" version is limited to only 300 pieces worldwide and has a slated drop date of August with a retail cost of $79... not too shabby for all this figure comes with! Hit the jump for more pictures!

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