KAWS solo exhibit at Aldrich Art Museum

So we all know KAWS, and his work... if not educated yerself son! Just recently The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum opened up it's gallery to the artists first solo museum exhibition which features his most recent paintings, sculptures, and drawings, street art, apparel, product and graphic designs.

There are some seriously sick pieces in there, and I am pretty amazed at the grandeur of alot of the sculptural works... not to mention some pieces seen in this exhibit that may be made into upcoming toys like that rad KAWS Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket figure! A huge thanks goes out to OsirisOrion for shooting the great video and to HighSnobity for the pictures used in this post! This show is going to run until January 2nd, 2011 so if you can head on out to see these pieces of art in person!

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum
258 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT 06877

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