Kathie Olivas "Masao" Skelve's for SDCC 2010

And the Circus Posterous train keeps on chuggin along with announcements for their SDCC 2010 lineup... and this time around they are really showing off the many flavors of Skelve! Kathie Olivas flexes her custom muscle as she reveals her exclusive "Masao" Skelve Series which this time around will be only 3o pieces... and unlike the regular Skelve, these sport some great looking kitty ears, hence the "Masao" title :-) Also to be on the lookout for are the really cool mini-Skelve one-off's, pictured to the right with that beautifully large "Masao". These will be released via the Super7 booth #4729 and will retail for $250 a pop... no word on the price for the small one-off's yet but I assume we will be informed of all the details soon!

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