Hotel Metropole Yoshi Qee from Toy2r

[Toy2r PRESS] Just a few steps away from Casino Square in Monte Carlo stands one of the most luxurious properties in the land, the Hotel Metropole. Named one of the 'Leading Hotels in the World' in 2004, renowned architectural and interior designer, Jacques Garcia, has created beauty and luxury beyond belief.

One of the jewels of the property is the new restaurant, Yoshi, a Japanese inspired delight. Created by one of France's most celebrated Michelin-starred chefs, Joel Robuchon, and featuring modern and healthy fare from Japanese chef Takeo Yamazaki.

Toy2R was given the honor to develop a simple yet elegant Qee to represent the restaurant as a symbol of Asian creativity for the opening and entrance way to the restaurant. Yoshi, which means 'kindness' in Japanese, and is immortalized as a 2.5" and 8" Qee Bear with the restaurant's logo and is found throughout the entrance of Yoshi. Available exclusively through the Hotel Metropole, the Yoshi Qee expresses that of its host restaurant; luxury, elegance and creativity.

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