Harmony (Dawn Fire) / Custom Lunartik Cup of Tea by Cris Rose

Cris Rose just passed along some great info showcasing a new custom he recently completed on one of his fellow countrymen's amazing platform... the Lunartik Cup of Tea! This is his second ever completed custom on this platform and it's titled "Harmony (Dawn Fire)". Cris's custom stands 8" tall and was created using Vinyl, ABS, CNCed wood, resin, metal, acrylics and spraypaint... and is up for grabs for his newsletter subbers first (email him at cris@crisrose.co.uk), and then after 24 hours it will be HERE in his store for only $250 plus shipping! Great job man, the colors are AMAZING!

Backstory on Harmony (Dawn Fire):
"Personal Robotic Companions have always been one of the largest markets (after science and emergency services), particularly prized were those models with unique attributes or the ability to help their owner learn a new skill. Harmony was a very popular model in the early days and tho having no specific gender, many people felt she was a she. Harmony was a home companion robot that not only helped around the house, cooking and cleaning, but liked to Waltz while she did it, single handedly reviving the dance for a new generation to enjoy.

Designed to glide delicately around on her 3 wheels, most models were plug-in hybrids for the sake of low weight, able to run on both fuel cell and battery or be plugged straight into the mains. Outfitted with a discreet audio system and set of flat panel speakers that stuck out of her back as part of her "dress", Harmony was ready to Waltz at a moments notice and positively encouraged it.

In the years after Harmony's production ceased, the Waltz once again became something only the "old folks" would do. It would not be uncommon, however, to hear scratchy, tinny music coming from the other end of the hoverport platform, where an elderly widower and his Harmony were showing the kids how it used to be done."

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