Custom "WW2" WWRP Bertie from Dr. Mugg

Dr. Mugg sent over some really great pictures of his latest custom he recently completed and even though the subject matter is very dicey, I can appreciate the the time put forward into completing this piece. This was his first custom WWRP Bertie, and he really did a fantastic job, the detailing is really great. he says that this was a commission piece, and goes on to mention that "while I am not in support of the subject matter, I was not going to pass up the opportunity to customize it"! If this custom is a view into the future of upcoming customs Berties from you, I can't wait to see em, great job man!

As per the discussion yesterday, Dr.Mugg sent over a revised quote to better reflect his take on why he decided to create this. He says... "I would ask that you change my quote though, as I've had time to reflect on some of the comments, and I think it would be better phrased like this: "while I do not support the ideology of the Nazi party, I was not going to pass up my first paid opportunity to customize a WWRP Bertie." ALSO... be on the lookout for an upcoming post from Jeremy Brautman on the NM site about a discussion on controversial toys.

WWRp Bertie is copyright of Ashley Wood and 3A

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