Ashley Wood announces surprise...

So yesterday was 3A's second anniversary which was celebrated with a special sale of a bambaboss at the bamabaland store. The sale was swift lasting a few minutes at best. Ash didn't stay long on the forum being busy with the upcoming Beijing show and finalizing plans for many other projects for the next 6 months. But he did take time to announce: "As so many seem to want the, DIY, Noir, Gebi WWRp, we have decided to make them available in special packs over the coming months on Bamba instead of making them beijing exclusive figs. We didnt anticipate the demand or interest."

This will no doubt come as great news to all the 3A collectors out there hoping to make their 1:12 WWRp Nom collection complete. (I know it does to me) As for what the special packs may be no one is sure yet, but one things for sure I'm even happier to see more WWRp packs coming over the horizon.

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