VISEone's prototype of THINK PINK CELLE

German based artist VISEone just sent over some great pictures of a character that he has been developing for the past year. Titled "THINK PINK CELLE" is the large troll like creature created to match the logo and be the mascot for the German toystore named THINK-PINK-CELLE.de. VISEone says that "I changed him a bit from the original concept and added some chunkyness and cuteness." which in my opinion really adds to the overall appeal! There will only be 30 of these figures made, which will be cast in resin... 10 to 15 will be available through THINK-PINK-CELLE and 10 to 15 will be customized by VISEone and available through his website or GALERIE ITABLEAU.

The original colorway will be green with a pink removable transparent brain. The customs will also come with removable brains... and now the fun part, who wants to win one?!?!? VISEone does not have a name for him yet so whoever wants to win a customized THINK PINK CELLE mascot, send VISEone an email via contact@viseone.de with your name selection and the winner will be picked and notified during the next couple of weeks.

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