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First look at Dunny Series 2010...

Well... since the cat is outta the bag, might as well share it with the rest of ya. Mexican based toy blog site Vinyles Chiles has posted up the artist roster with images for the upcoming Kidrobot Dunny series dubbed "2010", and as you can see there are some pretty amazing designs in this series. The set is going to feature newish designs from: Esther Kim, Travis Cain, Sket One x2, CW, Huck Gee, Damarak the Destroyer, Sneaky Raccoon, Shelterbank, Tizieu, Jesse Hernandez, Michelle Valiguera, The Beast Brothers, MAD, Amanda Visell, MCA, Doktor A., Triclops Studio, Frank Kozik, and Aya Kakeda! Some of these designs we have seen before based on custom pieces by the above stated artists, and if KR can pull this off in a smaller/production run size then this might be an epic series!

I especially like Sket's "Ketchup", Travis Cain's "Balloon Head", Jesse Hernandez's "Bat God", Triclops "Zombie", and Esther Kim's "Ice Cream"... not to downplay any other designs :-) One thing I do notice is that there are a ton of talented artists out there that deserve a spot in a Dunny series, and yet once again we are seeing some of the same designers. I know it is not up to the artist at all, and congrats to them, KR makes all of the decissions, so come on guys, 2 Sket's and 2 Koziks... I am sure you could have found 2 new designers out there to take up 2 spots. All of that being said, I am pretty excited to follow this series, and can't wait to see some of these designs in person! Ahhh Dunny... the gateway drug that started it all for me, and your looking pretty good in 2010!

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