Hippies and Vegetarians be warned of Carrot Slayer has come to take back what is rightfully his!

Last week we covered Italian company, Very Bravo's first toy (posted HERE), The Ghetto Reaper... and now they have released their 2nd figure "The Carrot Slayer", which in looking at both figures in comparison, they share the same body characteristics, except for the head shape... this is a great way to get the most out of a toy shape to cut down on production costs. The actual figure might have the same shape, but the application of paint totally breaths new life into it.. The Carrot Slayer is coming soon in 2 limited editions of 250 pcs each Gruesome(left) and Hippie(right). These stand at 8" tall and just like their Ghetto Reaper counter parts, they will retail for around $60... look for them to drop in April! They are produced by Superpowers and distributed by Atom Plastic.

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