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Jeff Pidgeon's Cigarette Test For Kozik's soon to be realeased Angry Beaver

Jeff Pidgeon share with us his latest update on his awesome Angry Beaver sculpt via his blog. Jeff says "My friend Greg Dykstra sculpted this cigarette accessory, which I've been poring over for the last few weeks. I'll be having it cast as part of Frank Kozik's Angry Beaver variant figure!

The thought is to have the vinyl drilled and add the cigarette during manufacturing so I won't have to make a special mold. I've tested it on a defective toy here - that's why the eyes look so odd.

I'm not sure whether I'll drill a hole in the final color master and add it there, or send this along with the CM to show how the vinyl should be drilled. Regardless, enjoy! More progress as it comes in..." Now, I really don't know anything or understand the process that needs to take place to get that cig to stay in the mouth, but I do know that this is a rad figure and I look forward to seeing the final piece from Jeff and Frank! More pics up on Jeff's Flickr, go check em out!

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