Baker Ninja plush from Shawnimals!

Shawnimals continues its ongoing plush Ninja insanity with Baker Ninja, the first of 12 all-new Ninjas created for its Ninja of the Month project! This Baker Ninja variant is in his casual weekend gear, when he makes snacks for his friends, and, in general, kicks back. Still has to sport the radical fireball though...

From the tag:
Working deep in the maze of caverns under Mt. Feroshi, the Baker Ninjas not only have the unique skill to craft the secret Ninja Star Cookies, they can also withstand the deadly heat and toxic fumes. They wear special quilted, anti-lava Ninja robes, an inch-thick visor, and a fancy apron, too. When not making cookies they enjoy time by cooking tofu burgers for his Ninja pals.

“I bake cookies... so what?”

When you order this product you get…
•A handmade 7″ × 7″ plush Ninja
•Signed and numbered fancy hang tag
•Fun accessories
•A character stickers
•A character button

Baker Ninja will be available Wednesday January 6th at 1pm CST. Fans can also purchase more Ninja of the Month merchandise like stickers, buttons, a poster and more (coming soon), including a full Ninja of the Month SUBSCRIPTION, right over on the Shawnimals shop.

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