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AW177's custom "Koi Dragon" Labbit

Allen Wen aka AW177 completely out did himself with this custom 5" Labbit that he did as a commission for a good friend of his! The colors were picked by the commissioner , and Allen did the rest, and it turned out amazing! Allen says that this was his first time using Sculpey, which he used to create the 'jade' pendant, home run man, it looks immaculate! Allen also went into great depth about the meaning of the custom, take a sec and read it below!

The Meaning of the Koi Dragon Labbit

In Japanese folklore, the koi fish represents courage, strength of will or persistence in the face of difficulty. Legend has it that the koi fish travels up the Yellow River to the Dragon Gate, transforming into a dragon which represents power and ferocity. The koi dragon is the phase where the koi leaps from the river through the gate, overcoming all obstacles and the adversity of the strong river to fulfill its destiny into a full dragon.

The 'jade' pendant is the kanji symbol for courage - it's a reminder to always have courage when faced with hardship and persevere to the end. Jade has many meanings in Chinese culture, meaning to draw in spirituality, longevity, luck, confidence, love and protection.

The Chinese red envelope in the mouth is a 'hong pao' with the kanji symbol for double happiness. In the tradition of the Chinese lion dance, 'hong paos' with money are handed to the lions through the mouth to bring good luck, happiness and fortune.

The lotus blossoms are flowers that start off small at the bottom of a pond, in the mud and muck and slowly grows up towards the water surface. They continue moving towards the light and once it reaches the surface, the lotus will blossom into a beautiful flower - overcoming the dark to reach the light.

This Koi Dragon labbit is a representation of all these ideals, to always have courage to overcome all hardships and wishing you all the best in life!

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