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"Stick Up" Prototype by Gold Coin x Argonaut Resin

Ray"Three"Robinson III is super excited to announce his limited edition run of resin pieces created by Argonaut Resin! This piece is titled "Stick Up" and it turned out AMAZING!!! We saw some teaser images of this project HERE and now to see the prototype it definitely lived up to all its hype! This piece is 8″ tall and made of solid resin and the best part is that is has bendable limbs. This means it’s FULLY MOVABLE!!! On top of that it comes with a money bag accessory. Ray says that "I don’t think anyone has seen a low run, custom, handmade, resin art toy like this to date. We are very excited to see this guy come together. Stay tuned for painted shot very soon." This is seriously awesome, and the fact that it has bendy arms really opens the doors to other resin creations in the future!

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