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The "Rollie" Show *Previews*

The Rollie Show is a collaboration between Tenacious Toys and NemO (NYC-based sculptor Mike Mendez). NemO wants to use little roll-on deodorant bottles (Rollies!) as custom platforms! And why not? With a sexy little organic shape, these specific Rollies are cheap, plastic and made in China just like everything else you customize. BUT, these only cost 99 cents!

Above are just two of the man submissions for this show the ones along the bottom are a collab between Jay222 and Nerviswr3k and the one on the right was created by Den Ramos! Both of these turned out great, and if this is a view of other to come, I am really looking forward to seeing other submissions!

The Rollie Show custom show
Friday, October 30th, 7PM
All the Right graff supply store
3561 Junction Blvd
Corona, Queens, NY

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