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"Beast Hombre" resin figure from Tone Tank

Tone Tank is a rapper/artist where over the past year or so has developed an addiction to bootleg action figures. This figure turned out awesome, and I love the story behind the creation of this figure.

Tone Tank says "You know the kind where they have five Spiderman figures with Chinese glowing chest action? There's also the variety packs that have every action figure that ever existed, in the same pack, which often have a big-headed Superman with a Samurai sword... and glowing chest, always with the glowing chest. Since then quite a few days have been spent trying to get my fix in Brooklyn 99 cent stores. I have also been on a quest to acquire all the toys I had in the 80's that my mother swears she hasn't thrown out... as well as the toys she wouldn't buy me as a kid. That crusade has led to many a night sneaking around on Ebay."

So he took his obsession and turned it into a reality creating a new hand-made resin figure titled "Beast Hombre". This cool new resin toy has 3 points of articulation and glowing chest action. This is coming to ya as a bi-product of Ton Tank's obsession with Chinese bootlegs and 80's action figures. There are only 24 of these available, and you can snag one HERE for only $20!

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