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Kaiju unlike any other...

In a world in which the culture of the phallus has been imposed, and the vagina denigrated to the point of being seen as vulgar or pornographic, arises the proposal of its vindication.
Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez

Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez creates exciting works that blur the boundaries between the fantasy of comics and high art. The artist uses symbols that reflect his own intimate world such as mushrooms, eyes, monsters, brains, sacred elements and sexual organs which blend his concerns with energy, power, intuition and multidimensionality.

In Phillips' upcoming "Latin America" sale (Oct.3rd), they are proud to announce that a major work by one of the top artists in this realm will be featured (along with 3 other smashing artworks by the artist). For those of us already familiar with at least pictures of Carlos' phantasmagorical flights of imagination and profound assimilative, poetical creations any chance to see what is new by the artist quickens the pulse. But in this case, I doubt even faithful devotees of the artist will be ready for his eight and one half foot tall "Magical Vagina". They are very happy to be able to tell you about this terrific meeting between the world's contemporary art consciousness and our very special and somewhat secret 'neck of the woods'. The work, "Magical Vagina" by Carlos Enriquez Gonzales as well as the three smaller (approx. 14") sculptures (in fiberglass) are the final lots in the sale.

In the present lot, Magical Vagina,the artist embodies the idea of the vagina as the giver of life—a symbolic portal through which we go from one world to another. The sensational female shape with enchanting eye, atop the strong stance of the figure’s psychedelic colored encephalic body is both confrontational and mesmerizing painted in shimmering magenta. Through this hypnotic work, the artist deals with themes of birth and transformation in a fantastically singular and sublime manner.


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