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1 AM "Shop Wars 2009" review

1 A.M. gallery and Delicious Drips hosted a great vinyl show friday night, for those not able to attend here's a quick review along with some photos of the show.

1 A.M. gallery never fails to showcase great artist and Friday night was no different. Along with "Shop Wars 2009" they also had another show running concurrent titled " Don't Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan" both shows complimented each other nicely as many of the same elements and themes are shared so often (especially seen in Bayfitted's Bunny). "Ode" took up the front area of the gallery showcasing not only the more common street style usually seen but also showing more advanced pieces from Chez and Vogue. Vogue's paintings in particular grab your attention by mere style while never forgetting their roots. Katch1 has a amazing 3 panel piece there as well titled " The Savior" while "Shop Wars" was located in the rear, it was not long forgotten, with a large blank Qee beckoning all to come try their artist hand at a custom.

"Shop Wars" customs were on a shelf to the left for viewing, with a large canvas titled " Burning Toys" by Estria serving as reminder for why we were all there. The vinyl toys themselves were great as well. Many of them showcasing their represented stores / businesses well. Ryan Holt's "Nebraska Fresh Qeef" comes to mind for it's unique meat styled painting and packaging. Drilone represented Dragatomi as well with "Toyer from Hell" 1 a.m. came to the show represented by their own Lily Black with a great Ma.K inspired qee that stole the show for me. With half the proceeds from sales going to support "Project Open Hand" it was nice to see many customs sold even before the actual event opening. Many pieces may still be available and are truly remarkable for more information contact: 1 a.m. gallery at 1 (415) 861-5089 or via email at: info@1amsf.com

Thanks to Ray from Dragatomi for the pics!

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