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"Take Me to Your Cheese" custom by Dylan Sisson for Mickey Brand Halo Show!

Dylan Sisson just sent over some awesome images of his submission for the Mickey Brand Halo Show. The title of this piece is "Take Me to Your Cheese" and as you can tell this Mickey has some chompers to do some real damage to any cheese that stands in his path. Dylan writes "This Mickey is from the future and made of shiny metal. In his future everything is made of the highest quality metal, but they have forgotten how to make cheese. Mickey has built a time machine to come back to simpler times, in search of cheese. He comes in peace ... we hope." Dylan released his first toy last year through Toy Tokyo called "Idle Hands", which is one sweet piece of vinyl. The Mickey Brand Halo Show is @ Times Square, HK and is running now until August 2nd, which is being organized by 3-MIX Disney Asia and Disney Channel Asia.

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