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P-77 v2.0 (Crimson & Noir) custom resin from PHU!

This awesome 8" resin creation is a collab between Phu and MyTummyToys. Version 1 was originally created exclusively by Phu and now that he has teamed up with MyTummyToys a larger run of this great figure is now possible. This is still a very limited run of 10 Crimson & 10 Noir P-77 v2.0, which I might note each has 6 points of articluation, and they are on sale now for US$150 (additional of US$35 for international shipping & handling). If you are interested email Phu at phuektastic@hotmail.com to place your order. These turned out soooo amazing, and i am truly envious of whoever snags one of these!

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