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Custom KOOPUPS from Jared Deal

Jared Deal has created some awesome custom Horvath Turtles that he titled "KOOPUPS". Jared states that "I've seen quite a few Bossy Bear customs, but haddn't seen anyones take on the turtle yet, so I wanted to be the 1st. So I punked these guys out & made them little Koopa Troopers complete with spikes, horns, and mowhawk." Each KOOPUP #'s 1UP-3UP are priced @ $100, and come complete with custom warp pipe tube packaging. You can pick yours up over at his shop available HERE now! Jared also notes that he would like to do more of these surprise releases in the future so make sure to peep his store every once & again, you never know what might show up! You really can't go wrong with Mario themed customs for me, they really bring me back to my youth, and I am sure alot of you feel the same way!

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