Lou Pimentel's Cranston Fellows Vinyl???

MPHLabs is working with artist Lou Pimentel to bring one of his custom creations to life, and by Life I mean into full production. Posted up on VPEast is a teaser shot of what is to come, which looks great! This did not satisfy me enough though... and I know this was based off a custom that Lou made titled Cranston Fellows Jr, which was an 8"Qee egg, so I did some sleuthing, and if my speculation is correct, the production piece should look something like what I made HERE. Now keep in mind this is just speculation, and the picture posted below was doctored by me, but this is alot of fun. Click through for more pics, and I will keep you updated as soon as I get more info!

So tell me, how did I do, do you all think this is what will soon be made a production piece, I sure hope so, not only because this will be a rad figure, but because Lou is an awesome dude, and he deserves this without a doubt! Below is a picture of the custom that Lou created, and he took this picture a while back, and this custom is what I created the mock picture above from! Go Lou Go!

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