Horrorwood x Speakerdog - Night x Day Collabo

Horrorwood aka Jack Hankins has teamed up again to bring you another great paper collaboration project. This time he joined forces with awesome artist Ben the Illustrator (of Speakerdog) to produce two great toys. Keeping to his roots and in conjunction with his previous projects i.e. Nanibird tie-up, he mentions that the "idea came to me of rescaling my “Paper Demon” toy so that he could ride on a Speakerdog." and as you can see, they turned out super slick... each and every new paper toy I see, I dig them more and more, keep em coming guys!

Horrorwood's “Dog Rider” representing the dark side, and Ben’s “Uke Troupe” representing the light side are the result of this collab. Both of thesee are available for free download from their respective sites. Also to note... these hav been created into some free wallpapers to celebrate the completion of the project. Click here to grab them now!

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