"The Beat Up Boxer" by Brian Harsanto

Brian Harsanto sent over some awesom info on an upcoming resin figure titled "The Beat Up Boxer". You ask, what is this figure all about... Well The Beat Up Boxer will never reveal his real name. When he boxes, when he hangs out or when he's at home (no known relatives or family to exist). He's almost always seen alone. Some girls have been seen hanging with him sometimes, but just for photo sessions. After that...alone again. He has boxed all of his life, lose, win or draw (mostly lose), but he never quits. Sometime winning is glorious, but the losing is really rough too. He gets beat up time and time again, by all kinds of opponent (legends, rookie, amateur, brawler you name it) But still he never quits!

His creation is from Brian's life experiences. Sometimes in life we fight and fight to earn a living, to chase happiness, to chase wealth and all things that we've dreamt. But sometimes, it seems so far away. And still everyday we go on and get on that fight for life things mysteries again...and again. The boxer kind of portrays his experience in life. How he boxes again and again, trying to achieve what he believse he could achieve in the future. Brian says "And one thing, he will never get old haha. I would love to have the everlasting strength and courage of my youth up until I die. Although my body is getting older hahaha."

The resin is already casted, and the master resin is still in progress. After that, going to love after that. Painting and all haha. Marin from Mytummytoys has been an acquaintance of Brian's since 2002, recently they hooked up again and he did some works with marine at Mytummytoys and finally he arrange this collaboration, and choose the Boxer to make it 3D/figure.

Height : 9 inch.
Articulation : Hands and Head. With removable hat.
Weight : Final weight is still in progress.
Price : TBA
Lauch : Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention, August 2009.
Colorway : OG, DIY (White).

This awesome character was created by Brian Harsanto. 29 y.o boy. Who love to live his life to the fullest. Have a lovely wife and son. Love everything that my eyes can see, something graphical, colourful and tasteful! I work as a graphic artist, designer, publisher and etc. All things that still in the world of design, I'll love it. I am looking forward to following the progress of this, really excited!!!

You can follow all of Brian's progress
by hitting him up on his Twitter, MySpace and Flickr!

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