The Steve Brown Gallery is open for business!

Cleveland, Ohio has long been home to a bastion of talent. From the gig posters of Derek Hess to the melancholy sculpture of Scott Radke, the amount of talent in the city that brought you the Burning River is staggering.

Finally, there is an outlet that
these artists deserve.

The Steve Brown Gallery is a floating gallery, curating multiple spaces in the Greater Cleveland area. Three venues have been secured, Brigade Clothing http://www.clothingbrigade.com, 1300 & A Third, and Shoparooni's Annex Gallery http://www.shoparooni.com, and shows are already being scheduled in all three locations.

The goal of TSBG is simple: We are here to serve the artists and their art. In addition to curating and producing multiple shows in the city, TSBG will also offer career-counseling services including licensing assistance, product development, wholesale distribution, and more. We also have key connections with a number of high-quality manufacturing sources, and can assist artists in finding the right manufacturers for their gallery multiples, prints, or other consumer goods.

The Steve Brown Gallery is not simply another place to buy art; it's a resource for artists. We aren't selling a product, we are selling a souvenir of one brief moment in their career...a career that we hope to play a part in helping the artist develop with longevity in mind.

Current artists on the roster include illustrator and painter Benjamin Haehn, and painter/sculptor/madman Chris Ryniak.

For more information about The Steve Brown Gallery, please visit

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