Sket-One & SpankyStokes SUPER Raffle!

Awww Yeah!!!! Sket-One and SpankyStokes.com have teamed up to have an exclusive raffle...how exclusive you ask, this is only available here, and what you can win is pretty much an instant Sket-One vinyl collection. Now this is an all or nothing raffle meaning the winner wins EVERYTHING posted above!

Here is what you win...
1 x Original 8" Purple Eggster
1 x Buckeye Rot Red Version
1 x Buckeye Rot Black GID NYCC09 Exclusive Version
1 x Ripple Tinbot Ipod Case
1 x Infectious x Sket Nano Pod Skin(not pictured)
1 x 16" Ripple GID
1 x 16" Ripple Grayscale
1 x 8" Ripple OG
1 x Set of AP Endangered Dunny's with the elusive "Swipe" Chase and Bacon
1 x Exclusive OG 5"x5" Swipe canvas
Also Stickers and Buttons, and all the pieces will be signed by Sket!!!!

So is all of that worth playing for?!?!?! Here is how this will work. Each raffle ticket is only $5, and that gets you one entry into the drawing, and if you weigh out the options...this is a killer deal considering the amount of vinyl you could possibly win, please use the form below to make the purchase!. This contest will go for a certain undisclosed amount of time, but Sket will be dropping clues to when this "end date" will happen on his twitter, so you best be following him HERE! Once that date drops Sket will be doing a videotaped pick of the winner, so you can see there is no funny business going on!

The contest is over now.
Thank you all for participating!!!!
Sket will post the winner via video hopefully by next Wednesday, good luck
to all that bought tickets and thanks you so much again for all of your support!

Sket and I are super pumped for this, and we hope you are too. If anything, those dunnys are worth at least one raffle ticket if not even more! So go ahead and cross your fingers, and pull the trigger on this awesome contest, and good luck to all that enter!

Please note: The winner will pay for the shipping, anyway they would like to.

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