Shish-Qee-Bob v2.0 from DLi$h

Shish-Qee-Bob v2.0 is the second iteration of DLish’s (from Delicious Drips) Custom MadLdesign submitted at the MeMadL event last November. This newer version features copper mesh mixed in with other random hardware elements to give him a Steam-punk appeal. His head has a window which gives you a perfect view of the roasting Qee, which brings me to the best addition to Shish-Qee-Bob v2.0 is that it has a functional rotisserie crank on it. What could be more fun that home baked vinyl? In fact the BabyQee that’s inside the head is actually hand torched with a lighter before putting him on the skewer.

Shish-Qee-Bob v2.0 also comes with two tricked out mini Skullys from Urban Warfair that each have a skewer of their own. Each skewer has a golden Toy2r Potamus being cooked medium rare. You can purchase Shish-Qee-Bob 2.0 and his little friends the Delicious Drips store for $239.99 (3-piece set, all signed). Also, if you like this steampunk look, check out this tutorial on how you can achieve that antique brushed metallic look.

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