New AWESOMENESS from CrazyLabel

Check out the new 8" Treeson, after the first Classic white edition, CrazyLabel is going to release a pink edition. In addition to the color change they are going to add some funs to the toy, each new 8" Treeson will be bundled with an accessory called Bubblefun. Bubblefun is a little bubble-like object made with the same manufacturing process of the Monster burp's. A white Bubblefun designed by Bubi will be bundled with each new 8" Treeson.

In addition, a 4-pack Bubblefun (which consists of 3 Classic flavors designed by Bubi + 1 Artist flavor) will be available for purchase separately which will include one random flavor designed by one of the following artists (APAK, Gaston Caba, JamFactory, Malota, Peskimo, Sonni and Tado).

Name: 8" Treeson
Color: Pink
Edition size: 500 pcs
SRP: US$ 69/pc

Name: Bubblefun
Flavors: 3 Classic flavors + 1 Artist flavor
SRP: US$ 4.95/pack

And finally the new Monster Burp...

Each Windy Pops will be bundled with a Peskimo flavor Bubblefun as well as a little adaptor. For the owners of the Classic Monster Burp, they can get the Bubblefun adaptor from www.crazylabel.com for $0.99/pc (free shipping).

Name: Monster Burp Windy Pops edition
Color: Burp - GID; Monster - black/green
Edition size: 800 pcs
SRP: US$ 29.00/pc

They will accept pre-order starting on 5/10 (aimed to drop by end of May) and they will also have a one day only of 10% discount on the Mother's Day for any purchase. Enter coupon code SOMUCHFUN during checkout to enjoy the discount! How awesome are all of these toys...I am really excited for the release and I hope you are all as well!

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