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Lil'g Mini Vinyl Boombox

Jasin Dollin has just passed on some awesome info on his sweet vinyl boombox! Lil'g (short for "Little Ghettoblaster") is a vinyl Boom Box with the capability to play your MP3 player. It is a soft vinyl that is made for customization (DIY).You can paint, draw, cover with stickers or anything else you can imagine! Lil'g is just waiting to be decked out, pimp'd out or loved just the way Lil'g was made.

Look out world, here comes Lil' g!!!

Lil' g comes from a big love! A love of the city, a love of graffiti, a love of B-boys and B-girls, a love for music from punk, funk and jazz to hip-hop, reggae and soul. Lil' g embraces everyone and wants to spread the word to sit back, relax and see the amazing world we have before us! Culture, people, art, colors and sounds. It's all there for us to embrace and celebrate everyday.

Created in soft, smooth vinyl to be customized in a broad variety of styles by anyone working in different mediums. You can paint, draw, cover with stickers or anything else you can imagine! Lil' g is happy just sitting on your desk to be enjoyed, or plug in your MP3 player to enjoy your favorite music on the go!

Lil'g is a boom box with a lot of heart!

• Do it yourself - The DIY vinyl toy community is ever growing. Lil'g is is an evolution of the whole "Do-It-Yourself" toy market.
• Color ways - Lil'g comes in three different colors; black, white and pink.
• Portable Boom Box - Lil'g is a portable speaker case for your personal MP3 player.
• Carrying case - Plug in your MP3 player and carry it safely inside Lil'g.
• BPM LEDs - Lil'g's LEDs light up and bounce to the music that you play.
• Headphone jack - Plug in and listen to your music in private.
• Customize - Vinyl body ready to be painted, marker'd or even sticker'd right out of the box.

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