Kenn Munk's "The See"

London based Kenn Munk's current exhibition in Ųhus, Denmark The See features illustration/graphic design based on tourism, optical illusion and a modernised form of Shinto.

For those not familiar with shinto, it is the Japanese idea that every tree, rock and river and so on has a soul. Kenn takes this further as he knows that his computer and the lock to his front door definitely have souls too. The Denmark show focuses on a small part of the story; The empty souls that is applied or superficial beauty whose sole purpose is purely aesthetic - the colour of your car, your nose piercing and the small sprig of parsley on your gigantic steak.

The show was originally running from 3rd - 29th April, but has been extended to 29th May and the private view was essentially a two-hour celebration of sight and sights, with interactive mapping, paper masks, little flags - things the sole purpose of which is to look good - including beer goggles. For more pics and info visit Ken's Flickr and website, and this looks like an awesome event, make it out if you can!

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