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Jamungo reject DUDS!

So it looks like Jamungo just recently received a shipment of 9" GID Buds and Nades that were supposed to glow blue, but they do not. Instead of ditching them in a landfill, they have stenciled them "DUD" to differentiate them from the previous GID release. They have only done a handful at this point (25 buds / 25 nades). If time allows they may do more. These will come bagged with a sticker. These are hand stenciled and paint will vary, and do note that Budscribers will not receive these, but will get a separate version of the 9" BUD figure with the stencil in red. Check this out!!! They are $20 plus $5 shipping. paypal sellmethat@jamungo.com please specify BUD or NADE or both, and get on these fast!

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