"Exudeus & Effuseus" custom Munny's by Derek Kiser

Here are some awesome custom Munnies that were sent my way from Tim Schafer who represents an artist by the name of Derek Kiser...these are some pretty well done customs and right when I saw them really deserved to be posted for the world to see.

Brief history on the Munny's:
These custom Munny's are based on the comic book Monupalar (mon-oop-alar); which is in production and slighted for a 2010 release. Effuseus and Exudeus, a team of two, are corporate workers hired to clean up atmospheres that's continually polluted by The Thrak'n. The helmets they wear allow them to filter the dark black smoke that flows out of the Thrak’s head.

The pollutant’s are sucked in through the top of Effuseus and Exudeus's helmets, cleaned and then clean, breathable air is shot out the sides. Any excess is quickly turned into sand and dispearsed onto the ground. Both of these are for sale at $75 each, if you are interested Contact: tschafer52@gmail.com

About the artist:
Derek Kiser is an Art Director/illustrator who received his Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Design Architecture Art & Planning program (DAAP) at the University of Cincinnati.

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