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Exclusive Interview With Olla Boku

There are wonderful and talented artists all over the world. Some young, some old, some tall, some short and in this case some with cases of schizophrenia! So I took a virtual trip all the way to Taiwan to ask my great friend Jessie a.k.a Olla Boku some questions to give you a little peek into what makes her brain tick!

1. How did you get your name and is there a meaning behind it?
i got my name OLLA BOKU it happend spontaneity and pop up from my deeply soul. it combine with two language spanish and japanese.Olla=whirlpool(spanish),Boku=myself(japanese) appear my conflict thiking .that's why i draw some different style on my artwork always.

2. Where were you born and raised?
i was born in Tainan and live in a oldest city in Taiwan.my major was department of business administration graduated from university.i didnt got specialized design and art in here school.all learn and study by myself.

Im in Berlin!!!
3. When did you realize that art was your calling?
I think at a very young age.when I was kid ,crazy doodle on wall anywhere in house.
I knew I wanted to be an artist or cartoonist when i grew up.look at myself now im a freelance illustrator and walking my roa:))

4. What is currently in your Music Playlist?
metro station,KURIAKI,pnau,The -Go- Team..

i love ice cream and you?!
5. What are some of your major influences that can be seen in your work?
I think all the thing influences me like music,love,life,toy,meet friends...etc.especial japanese manga (scary manga).it effects my creative creepy style on my drawing so much.at the same time draw cute style monsters too XD

6.Do you have a place where you can go to just escape the stress of the world?
hahaha interesting who knows this place we can escape the stress of the world.hummm let me thinking where hummm humm.maybe is "Dream" only sleeping in dream dont wake up .it could make me forget stress sometimes XD

some new characters on key ring!!
7. What can we be expecting from you in the near future?
I'm prepare doing some new characters on plush and upload some my work sell on Mysoti.doing some new ideas of projects with friends like collaboration and more future artists.

8. Got anything to say to your fans?
at first i want thanx alot all my fan support me always.I am so happy could inspire them artistically.hope all my fans keep loving and enjoy my artwork!!
have a great day!!!

all my monsters
Now I'll take this virtual tour into the world of Olla Boku to an abrupt end, and I ask you....did you enjoy the trip? If you were caught by the colorful works of Olla Boku then check out her Myspace, Flickr, Blog, and Shop!

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