"Wallpaper Memories (Purple Fade)" Custom 5" Mad*l

This is the third of 3 Mad*ls that have been released on Cris Rose's store this week, which all feature a new wallpaper design and light pastel fades of dawn and dusk into white vinyl.

This design focuses on "The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the beetle.... swallows are one of the nicest things about the English springtime." This is going for $130 and you better be quick if you like this one because I know for sure there are going to be alot of people hitting that F5 key, because they want this bad!

Blue was sold Monday, Pink sold Wednesday and Purple will be on sale Friday at 18:00 GMT at his store (that's 19:00 BST now as we've just gone through daylight savings)

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