Shaman of the Vulturites - Custom by Brian Colin

Brian Colin keeps creating some amazing customs and his latest "Shaman of the Vulturites" is no exception, this is a truly impressive piece of art, and the time that went into the creation of this is truly amazing. This is for the upcoming "Into the Darkness" show that DrilOne is curating at 1am San Francisco.

Brian had this to say about his process:
"The vulture character is a spin off of my last canvas that was Spy vs. Spy themed for a Mad Magazine tribute show. I had created a very similar mask for a giant slug that the black Spy was riding and thought it would be interesting on other creatures. For me it raises the question "what sort of nasty thing is under such a creepy looking mask?" If you're hiding yourself behind something that scary then you're either really, really petrifying or you want people to be intimidated and leave you alone. I enjoyed working on the vulture so much I have just started on a canvas with him as it's subject.

For the bear, I really wanted the vulture to seem like it was sitting on top of its head for a reason. The tree on the chest originally was inspired by the tv show Carnivale, but I didn't want it to be a stark black ink tattoo. I thought it should blend in, so that if you're up close looking at it you might almost forget there is a bear and it is just a tree sitting on a swirly sky."

If you would like to see many more WIP pics through the creation of this piece you can check out Brian's Flickr, and you can also visit his website to follow what Brain is up to, what he is working on, and get sneak peeks at his latest projects!

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