WalterJacott's "Socket Boy" - Unique DIY

Socket Boy is the brain child of Mexico based WalterJacott. The idea is super simple yet very effective. Socket Boy starts out with a base, fully customizable, and then you as the artist get to pic the different head Socket Boy will have...think about the possibilities of this. Posted above is just a small helping of the different styles and types of bulbs that can be used for heads. The possibilities are endless really making this a super unique DIY platform! As you can tell this figure is not 100% completed yet and is still in rough form, but Walter plans on getting the finished piece done soon, and has even bigger plans for the future...

These are going to start out with a small production since this is a personal effort, and there will be maybe 50 to 100 pieces nicely packaged and with some cool advertising. Then the plan is to have a show for the official release with maybe 15+ custom Socket Boys. There are also plans for a couple socket boy versions, one sat down as you see it, and other almost identical but he will be standing on to big rounded fat legs! Stay tuned here for much more info as soon as I get this, and I hope all of you are as excited as I am about this...really cool!!!

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