A Tribute to Montreal - Munny Show

It's on March 20th that the next
Munny Show will happen!

The theme, a Tribute to Montreal!

You live in Montreal? Pay a tribute to your city! You live outside of Montreal and you love the town? Let us know what you like so much! Never been in Montreal... You've probably heard of it! Let us know what you've heard!

The show works the same way it usually does, you buy you Munny at OTH, you cutomise it and you bring it back to OTH March 18th. The entering fee is now 10$ for the Munnys that won't be bought at OTH. As usual, you're invited to bring your canvases, custom skates and other art pieces that you can think of.

The artist who will get the Best of show prize, will go home with a brand new NOOKA – KidRobot Watch, offered by Nooka, and a full clothing kit from Obey, plus toys. Prizes for Best sculpt and Best paint will get some toys and other surprises offered by Plastic Matador.

To enter into this show contact: frenchie@montrealvinyl.com

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