Scribe's 8" Resin Rhino from Cardboard Spaceship

Scribe has teamed up with Cardboard Spaceship to bring you his first production resin figure. Known as "Rumpus" this 8" Rhino has come to life from many of Scribe's wall work, he comes complete with a bucket, plunger, spray can and backpack. It is really cool to see someones work from 2d get translated into 3d and in this case, they have done an amazing job! I don't know if the 2 versions pictured about are what is going to be sold, we will just have to wait to hear from CS!

This beast is going to weigh quite a bit seeing as it is resin, and not vinyl, but I think this is a great direction to take! Just holding a resin figure in your hand seems to feel like it has more worth...something about being solid, ya dig?

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