Racers start your engines...SPANKYSTOKES x PATRICK FRANCISCO'S Bi-Coastal blind-box giveaway!

For anyone looking for instant gratification in NY or SD, the wait is over! If you are in the area and need something for show and tell at brunch with grandma OR if you need an excuse to leave the house of that drunk-dialed ex, GO NOW to snag the FREE hidden customs from the areas below! If you find these pieces, either email myself or Patrick with a picture of you with the toy!

SoHo, New York:
Right around Kidrobot on Prince St. lurks the hidden box of mystery art. It is attached to the bottom of a Muni-meter in the immediate neighborhood. Act like you're throwing coins in the meter and pretend to be a spy (that's how I successfully placed it). Note the wall of graf in the background parking lot - it's hard to miss. Check the map below to make sure you don't overshoot the location and walk off into Joisey. Good luck!

San Diego:
Right in the heart of San Diego is a truly amazing place called Balboa Park…and this is where you will find hidden, on the trunk of a small palm, a sweet little hidden box of mystery art! Make your way to the Botanical Gardens in the picture above…head to the right side of the building, here you will see a small palm! Now get in there and start searching, like you are trying to find the immunity idol on survivor, you might have to move a few pieces of bark from the trunk to reveal the box. Have fun and good luck!

A BIG HUGE thanks goes out to Patrick Francisco for putting this whole thing together, it is not very often artists give away free stuff so this really says alot about Patrick, he rocks! I any of you want to get some original custom pieces done by him he is down for commission work, so stop by his site, say hello, and let him know how awesome this contest was!

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