Kelien figures from Kel - Custom Resin's

I was fortunate enough to run across some awesome custom resin figures while browsing my twitter feed. Kel Wilson aka kel7alpha on twitter has been posting alot of his progress as he makes his own line of custom resin figures. He says that he has been doing customs for a few years now but they have mostly all been Stikfas(Check out all of his awesome custom Stikfas HERE), but that well is drying up so he tried a bit of vinyl here and there, until a friend "accidentally"(how does this happen?) introduced him to resin casting. and long story short here are the results.

His mold making process

He says that he is now working on a four part group of figures called Keliens (pun intended, heheh) two male, a female and a robot. His intentions for this are to make these for a DIY type figure that blends vinyl and action figures into one.

I am really diggin the shape of these, and that there are going to be 4 in the series is really cool. I like seeing artist take what they know and make something of it...really great to see all the resing being made out there as well, more and more are showing up every day it seems like, and this seems to be a part of the resin revolution! Stay tuned for more updates on this awesome series of figures!

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