Jared Deal's custom for "It came from SkullBrain"

Jared Deal is working his mojo as of late and really hit the nail on the head with this one. Above is his custom he created for the "It came from SkullBrain" show at Super7 on April 18th. Jared really did an awesome job with this figure giving it the lucha touch is what it needed and it translated very well, the mask color/design turned out so great, along with the rest of the figure!

Name: Cerebro Del Cráneo
Height: approx. 5" talll
Weight: a hefty 1.25lbs
Special Move: SkullBrain Freeze
Record: 13 wins 0 losses
Alter Ego: Halloween Undead Cumberlain
Next Scheduled Appearance: It Came From SkullBrain Show April 18th @ Super7

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