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INTERVIEW - Jesse Hernandez from Wondercon


This past weekend, as most of you know was the 2009 WonderCon held in San Francisco, CA. Joanne and Ray from Dragatomi were there to attend this event to see what the vinyl toy world had to offer. All the new releases, networking, gearing up for SDCC and having an all around good time.

Joanne was kind enough to help SpankyStokes.com out and have a one on one with Jesse Hernandez . This realy turned out great, and gives us some insite about Big J and his upcoming projects. He also talked to her regarding his new Jaguar Warrior 8" Dunny due to be released this week @ Kidrobot stores March 5th and is limited to 1500 pieces, and more importantly we get our first clue at what the chase figure is! So please continue to read on and a big thanks goes out to Dragatomi for hooking this one up!!!!

Tell us a little about yourself and where you're from:
My name is Jesse Hernandez and I represent East Bay California, I'm a father of 3, an artist, animator, toy designer, and a host of a future TV show called vinyl addiction.

Is there anyone who really inspires you in the vinyl toy and/or art world?
And do you have any of their pieces?

Marka27, Craola Simkins, Mad, Sket1, Atomika, Scribe, Michael Lau, Tim Tsui
-Yes, I have lots of their stuff and I do have a new Craola piece thanks to StrangeCo.... HOLLA!

Tell us about your new Jaguar Warrior Dunny:
I'm real excited about the new Jaguar Warrior Dunny. I did the design back in 2006. I started doing customs a while back. The whole thing was when I started getting into vinyl, as an artist I found it really to be some dope stuff. There was alot of things people hadn't seen before. There were some new fresh designs. I wanted to get involved and the easiest way at the time was through customs. Everyone would see what you had to offer. The character is based on alot of designs I would do in my customs and painting artwork. The Jaguar Knights are part of the old school - There were two orders of warriors in the Aztec culture - They were the Eagle Knights and the Jaguar Knights. So hopefully, I can rock an eagle knight pretty soon.

What are my chances of getting one of the chase figures?

The chase figures are 1 in 10 - but they told me is that there are about 125 out there.

Can you tell me the chase colorway?
Panther - that's all I can say.

Do you have any future projects planned? If so, what?
We're doing a new show called vinyl addiction which is a behind the scenes with other artists, underground artists, artists in general. So far we've got Marka27, Huck Gee, Frank Kozik, Brian Flynn of Super 7, Joe Hahn of Linkin Park, and Dj Qbert.

For other projects, I have a new toy coming out with Bic Plastics - it's still in production. The sculpt is finished. It will be hopefully dropping this year at SDCC. There will be a few exclusive colorways and one main colorway.

And now...7 "Quick fire" questions:

What is your full name and/or nickname?
Jesse Hernandez

Where were you born?

Who taught you the most in life?
Trial and Error and actually my Lady played a big part in everything.

Who is your current Favorite band?
Mos Def, De La Sol, Cypress Hill - You know I gotta be bumpin the Cypress Hill

What is your favorite movie?
Tombstone - "I'm you're huckleberry"

What is your favorite food?

Who would win in a fight Pirates or Ninjas?
Ninjas - They would woop ass all day because the pirates wouldn't see them.
-Interviewed by Joanne@Dragatomi.com-

Shortly after they finished the interview, he wanted to send a shout out and promote "The Nutshack" who was also at WonderCon.

Also to note...Jesse was the first person to find Joanne at Wondercon for the Dragatomi contest and say "SpankyStokes Rocks" so he won the Soft Touch Headphonie!!! Congrats!

I know that I have said this already soooo many times but I really want to let Ray and Joanne know how much this means to me...you guys are super cool and doing this interview was too kind, you guys rock, and thank you so much! Please people if you have not clicked on the links for the Dragatomi web store go check em out, they have all kinds of great stuff, and amazing deals on vinyl you are looking for!