In living color: Neon vinyl art from Infectious

Miss Kika draws on her Catholic upbringing and her childhood worship of Lisa Frank for her fantastical design Hail Rainbow, Full of Grace.

And a big welcome to design contest veteran Mike Friedrich who joins the Infectious family of artists with his electrifying Thrillin' Bear artwork. (Anyone else think the bear has a bit of a KISS eye make-up thing going on as well?) If you're as crazy about his ursine art as we are, then go and check out his matching t-shirt over at Design By Humans.

We also want to give a shout out to Niel Quisaba and his design Kill for Love. The Infectious team love the color palette he used and have voted it our favorite submission of the month.

As of Monday 30th March our promotional launch sale on iPhone and iPod art is ending and the price will be going up to $14.99. So be quick if you want to transform your device into a work of art for a bargain price!!!

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