Easter "Dunneeps" from Motorbot

Ahhh spring has sprung and all of us toy collectors are out there looking for that special something to set out on the dining room table and not be made fun of our "dolls" well now you can have themed "dolls" to set out during your Easter brunch and your family will think you are cool(maybe). This only comes around once a year and master Customizer Motorbot is at it again. This set of "dunneeps" go for $100 a set, with box, or if you want a single it's $25, the shipping is included on both options...awesome!

You can choose from blue, pink, white, yellow, purple, green and orange, and he can have them to you in time for Easter! Super festive Dunny customs are only a click away so if you are interested hit up Motorbot HERE or HERE and make all your Easter fantasies come true!

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