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UNKL + DC + 5 and A Dime **UPDATE**

So as posted up HERE before This SUGxDC collab is about to happen, and sooner than I had anticipated...next Friday January 23rd. It is rad that UNKL suggested they do a limited edition glow-in-the-dark SUG figure and shoe combination package with DC. With only 450 DC X UNKL Double Label™ Graph and SUG packs available these are going to hit the streets and be gone. The package will be available for $260.00 during the AGENDA Tradeshow in San Diego.

I really don't like the shoes...don't hate me, I am just being honest...now that SUG figure is amazing, and the masses have been wanting a GID SUG for a long time now, but we have to get a pair of unwanted shoes with the purchase...that kinda bums me out. Hopefully somewhere down the line they will sell these separate from one another, this will probably never happen, but one can hope! These pics via ToyCyte and Freshnessmag.com, thanks for the awesome pics guys!

5&A Dime
701 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

Friday, January 23rd from 6PM – 9PM
During the AGENDA Tradeshow in San Diego.

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