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TCHKOI TCHKOI - This is not a toy, it is a choking hazard!

These are a limited edition run of plastic toys based upon an animated character...perfect for animation! There are 1000 milky whites and 1000 choco browns that were made. They stand over 8cm high, just under 3" and have arms and ears which can be tweaked posed in many different ways. They each come in a authentically obscure designed boxed sealed with a choking hazard warning sticker, and to top that off you also would "be the proud owner of something cool". These are coming to you from UK based design studio PEW36! You can purchase these for £5.99 (~$8.50 USD) from their ebay store!

Also to note that these are going to be in their own animated cartoon, so stay on the lookout for that as well as a new range of colorways! Check out their website, but...be warned...turn your volume down...hehehe!!! Look forward to seeing more of these, and thanks for the heads up Adam!

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